Área Industrial Vicolozano II

Vicolozano II industrial State

It's sale is managed by ADE Parques Tecnológicos y Empresariales and has two built-Performance Units and all distribution utilities and communication.


Vicolozano II
Industrial Land 212.908 m2
Public holders 36.878 m2
Green areas/Free slots 119.262 m2
Infrastructure 4.068 m2
Streets and parking facilities 64.522 m2
TOTAL 437.638 m2


Urban ParametersVicolozano II UA1Vicolozano II UA2
Buildability Maxim 1,092 m2/m2 INDI: Maxim 0,761 m2/m2
  INDE: 0,7 m2/m2
Occupation 80% INDI: 80%
  INDE: 60%
Setbacks Minimum 5 m. to all boundaries Minimum 5 m. to all boundaries (INDI/INDE)
0 m. if attached 0 m. if attached (INDI)
Maximum height Production Industry 12 m. to front. INDI: 12 m. to front, 17 m ridgepole
17 m. ridgepole, 3 floor (Down + 2) INDE: 15 m. to front, 20 m. ridgepole, 3 floor (Down + 2)


Parcelas Vicolozano


Área Comercial Vicolozano III

Vicolozano III Commercial-Industrial Park

It's sale is managed by Ávila City Council and is currently developing, facilitating its adaptation to the needs demanded. Stresses spacious commercial use.



Vicolozano III
Industrial Land 63.890 m2
Public holders 8.839 m2
Green areas/Free slots 11.040 m2
Streets and parking facilities 26.375 m2
TOTAL 110.144 m2


Urban ParametersVicolozano III
Buildability index 0,40 m2/m2
Surface SG 15.060 m2
Authorized uses INDI/INDE (SER/PK/SP compatible)

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