Strategic Geographic Location: Provincial capital located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, connected by rail and highway to Madrid (60km) and the major cities of Castilla y León and northern Spain, makes it particularly attractive to new business and industrial projects and for other diversification and relocation. Ávila offers industrial land available depending on needs.

Skilled workforce: Avila has three prestigious universities along with other centers hand generate a dynamic, flexible and stable workforce. Also noteworthy is the lowest unit labor costs in comparison with other areas of Spain, joined the loyalty of citizens to their city and the companies they work for.

Reducing Structural Costs: The average rent/purchase of industrial and residential land in Avila and services and infrastructure are very competitive compared to Madrid and other nearby cities.

Social Dialogue, which result in an excellent quality of life. A pleasant town, uncluttered and safe to live that facilitates the attraction and retention of talent. Stresses its low crime level, being one of the safest cities in the country.

Stable Regulatory Framework, through the institutional legal security that integrates all socioeconomic agents reinforcing the city's freedom of movement of persons and capital within the European Union.

Environment: City surrounded by valleys, lakes and mountains that make it possible to enjoy various leisure activities and free time throughout the year.


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