2 business states (1.880.000 m2).

For Sale 237.000 m2.

760.000m2 developing.


Polígono Las Hervencias

Hervencias Industrial-Commercial States

Situated in the Logistics Platform of Castilla y León hosting mostly subcontractors of the automotive sector (NISSAN light industrial vehicles division, Road Safety Research Centre MAPFRE-CESVIMAP). It has a 100% occupancy. There are several offices and centers of industrial and commercial buildings for rent and sale.





Polígono Industrial Vicolozano

Vicolozano Industrial-Business States

Located near the city, has more than 170.000 m2 urbanized and 60.000 m2 developing, both available for sale. Its first phase, which was developed 1999 to 2004, has over 600.000 m2 and a 100% occupancy, featuring offices and industrial buildings for rent and sale. Connects directly to the city and N-110 and AP-51, Avila-Madrid.





Centro CyLog

Logistics Center of Castilla y León CyLog

Services: Shortcut Urban Beltway.

Logistics: 3.000 parking spaces.

Access Madrid-North Railroad: Phase II.

Factory premises Available for rent from 500m2.